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Planar Vertical Pendant

Tags: LED

The newly redesigned Planar Vetical pendant uitilizes edge-lit panels for a dramatic, angular appearance. An extruded aluminum core contains 84 watts of LED that illuminate acrylic panels positioned 90 degrees apart. Each panel contains an embedded optical pattern that tightly controls the light path to maximize output and minimize glare. Choose from five standard panel profiles, or create your own. The optional downlight delivers almost 4,000 lumens.

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W: 11.5"-12.5" x H: 33"     OAH: 47.5-49.5


  • X84 Blades Only (84w)
    • Lumens: 8620 (delivered)
    • Wattage: 84
  • X119 Blades (84W) + Downlight (35w)
    • Lumens: 11872 (delivered)
    • Wattage: 119
  • Downlight Optic Options
    • B30 - 30-deg. beam reflector
    • B60 - 60-deg. beam reflector
    • B90 - 90-deg. beam reflector
  • CCT: 40K
  • CRI: >80
  • L70 @ 50,000 hrs.
  • Dimming options
    • D0:0-10v
    • D1:Triac (Leading Edge)*
    • D2:ELV (Trailing Edge)
Finish Codes:


prize duck

Standard Painted Finishes (PT)

Specify PT(XXX).

White (WHT)
Warm Grey (WMG)
Cool Grey (CLG)
Black (BLK)
Light Gold (LGD)
Medium Gold (MGD)
Light Titanium (LTM)
Medium Titanium (MTM)
Light Silver (LSV)
Medium Silver (MSV)
Deep Silver (DSV)
Light Bronze (LBZ)
Medium Bronze (MBZ)
Deep Bronze (DBZ)
Medium Copper (MCP)
Deep Copper (DCP)
Cream (CRM)
Textured Silver (TSV)
Textured Nickel (TNK)
Deep Gold (DGD)
Bright Copper (BCP)
Aged Copper (ACP)
Textured Copper (TCP)
Light Copper (LCP)
Silverado (SD)
Bronze Crater (BC)
Oil Rubbed Bronze (ORB)

NOTE: Computer monitors do not show colors accurately. These finishes should be used only as a rough guide. Consult with your Manning Representative for actual color samples.

Diffuser Codes: PLG


Planar Optical LightGuide (PLG)

Planar Optical LightGuide (PLG)
VS blade profile (VS)
VS blade profile (VS)
VB blade profile (VB)
VB blade profile (VB)
VC blade profile (VC)
VC blade profile (VC)
VA blade profile (VA)
VA blade profile (VA)
VX blade profile (VX)
VX blade profile (VX)
  1. OAH is standard unless specified.
  2. FINISH: Finish is low VOC thermo-cure powdercoat paint or clear lacquer. Specify three digit color suffix with "PT" finish options.
  3. HOUSING: Aluminum extrusion with integral LED board channel, heat sink, and acrylic blade support. Machined aluminum components.
  4. ACRYLIC: Clear 1/8" acrylic panels with laser-etched optical pattern to maximize light output and minimize glare.
  5. MOUNTING: Fixture supplied with canopy, 45-degree swivel ball and hanger for mounting to standard octagon junction box. OAH is standard unless specified.
  6. X119 with downlight adds 2.5" to Height dimension.
  7. *Surge protection recommended for use with D1 (Triac/Leading Edge) dimming systems.

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