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Finishes and Diffusers

Manning Lighting offers a variety of finishes and diffusers. View the PDF to see the options.


  • Paint finishes All finishes are polyester resin powdercoat paints. Specify two- or three-letter code after PT or PP prefix in fixture number. 
  • Natural Metals Raw metals with a protective clear coat. Specify two-letter code in fixture number. 
  • Natural Woods Oak wood stained in three different shades. Specify three-letter code after WT prefix in fixture number. 
  • Wood veneers Specify three-letter code after WV prefix in fixture number. 
  • Acrylic Diffusers Specify two-letter code in fixture number. 
  • Ambia collection configured diffusers Fabrics, organics, and graphics in translucent resin panels. Specify three-letter code after CD prefix in fixture number.


Finishes and Diffusers PDF

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