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Recommended LED dimmers

Manning Lighting recommends only LED-rated dimmers be used for two-wire line voltage dimming (also referred to as phase cut or Triac/ELV dimming). The dimmers listed below have been tested with our LED components and are recommended for best performance:


Manufacturer Part #            
Cooper DAL06P
Cooper SLC03P
Leviton 6631-2
Leviton 6633-P
Leviton 6683-IW
Leviton IPE04
Leviton IPI06-1LZ
Leviton VPE06
Lightolier ZP260QEW
Lutron DVCL-153P
Lutron DVELV303P
Lutron FAELV500
Lutron LG600P
Lutron MAELV600
Lutron S600P
Lutron S-603PG
Lutron SELV300P
Lutron TGCL-153P


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