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New LED options deliver more light and more energy savings!


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We'll make your custom lighting designs come to life!

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Five Tips for Fantastic Church Lighting

#1. Think LED.

#1. Think LED.

Investing in quality LED equipment now will pay off for decades.

#2. But LED screw-in bulbs may not be the answer.

#2. But LED screw-in bulbs may not be the answer.

Dimming, performance, and color vary widely. Don’t rule out new fixtures or dedicated LED retrofit solutions (see tip #1).

#3. Traditional or modern—it’s up to you.

#3. Traditional or modern—it’s up to you.

Any style of fixture can accommodate a state-of-the-art light engine inside of it. Choose a style that suits your architecture.

#4. Don’t compare based on performance specs alone.

#4. Don’t compare based on performance specs alone.

High efficacy and lumen numbers are great. But distribution, uniformity, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance shouldn’t be underestimated.

#5. Let Us Help!

#5. Let Us Help!

Our staff will provide free design guidance, lighting calcs, and estimates.

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Stay up to date with the latest happenings at Manning Lighting. Here we will share product features, new products, and more!

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The Stilt series stretches your design options with clean, slim profiles and exceptionally even, efficient LED illumination.…Read More

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