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Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are sold mainly through the conventional sales channels of electrical distributors and contractors. Please contact your local Manning Lighting Representative to receive a quotation, purchase products, and receive delivery information.

There is no order minimum.

OAH is overall height of a pendant from bottom of fixture to ceiling. While there is a standard dimension, you can specify a different OAH to suit your needs and we will provide the correct length of stem, cable, or chain.

All Manning products are hand crafted by our skilled employees in Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA. We also take pride in sourcing most of our components from other American manufacturers.

LED products, whether standard or custom, carry a five-year warranty, while fixtures with other sources carry a three-year warranty. Our team of Customer Service and Engineering professionals are available to ensure your satisfaction, before and after your fixtures are purchased.

  • Unique design and performance – We design our own products to have distinctive visual presence and performance characteristics. Our standard products are designed to be customized. Different decorative metal and acrylic panels, acrylic resin diffusers, sizes, finishes, and more allow you to make the fixture yours.
  • Quality construction – Our products are hand crafted using robust materials like heavy gauge extrusions, aluminum castings, bar stock, and spinnings. Our brass, copper, and bronze finishes are actual material — not plated over steel.
  • Value – Competitive pricing and personalized service ensure you’ll get the right lighting for your needs and your budget.
  • Passion – Manning Lighting is a third-generation family-owned company of lighting professionals who are passionate about providing products that look great, perform well, and add to architectural spaces.
  • Reputation – Manning Lighting has been building a reputation as an honest, reliable partner in the architectural and lighting communities for 70 years. Talk to your local building professionals about us!

Contact your local Manning Rep for replacement parts. Information about the fixture number, purchase date, and building name will help us identify the parts you need quickly.

Our fixtures do not include bulbs (lamps) except those specified with an LED option. All Manning fixtures use lamps that are readily available from local electrical distributors or retail stores. The correct lamp size, designation, wattage, and base type is listed on this website for each product. We recommend you purchase lamps made by reputable manufacturers such as GE, Osram/Sylvania, Philips, and Venture. Inexpensive off-brand lamps rarely perform as well or last as long as name brands.

Most of our LEDs are designed to last for 50,000 or more hours. But that doesn't mean they will stop working. Instead, LEDs dim over time until they reach what is called their L70, the point where the fixture has dimmed to 70% of its original output.

Our LED components are designed to be easily replaced when needed.

Freight is not included. We utilize USPS, UPS, Fed Ex, and common carriers to ship our products to you, and you will be billed separately for these charges. Freight estimates are available on request. Please note that we do not mark up or add any surcharges to freight invoices, and constantly compare rates to ensure economical freight costs. If you would like a specific freight company to handle your shipment, just let us know.

Yes! We can make recommendations based on your specific needs. Our free photometric layout service can suggest fixture type, quantity, and placement and show you estimated light levels in your architectural space. Your local Manning Rep is also a great source of information and can help you select lighting for all your different needs.

Acrylic diffusers, and painted or natural metal surfaces can be cleaned of small amounts of dust or dirt simply by wiping them down with a damp cloth. A mild, non-abrasive cleaner and cloth can be used to clean heavier amounts of dirt.

Yes, Manning Lighting accepts refurbishing work as our standard production schedule and engineering resources allow. Our services include retrofitting original lighting packages with more energy efficient options, cleaning, refinishing, rewiring, and more. Contact your local Manning Rep for a quotation.

Manning Lighting is committed to providing efficient and sustainable products by:

  • Utilizing the latest technology to increase energy efficiency
  • Using raw materials like aluminum and acrylic resins with as much recycled content as possible
  • Looking forward to the end of the product’s life cycle to ensure the components can be recycled
  • Offering standard product options to comply with federal, state and local energy codes
  • Providing detailed product information to specifiers who wish to use fixtures on LEED projects
  • Promoting the use of energy efficient products

Manning Lighting is a member of the US Green Building Council. For more information please visit


  • Manufacturing operations produce virtually no hazardous waste or toxic materials
  • Recyclable product packaging including filler material made from 100% post industrial waste
  • Waterless parts cleaning system that requires no heating and generates no effluent
  • Low VOC wet and powder paint
  • Recycling of scrap aluminum, steel, acrylic resin
  • Efficient, build-to-order manufacturing system
  • Partner with local suppliers that also have commitment to green/sustainable manufacturing.

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