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Green is the New Black

Manning Lighting is committed to providing efficient and sustainable products by:

  • Utilizing the latest technology to increase energy efficiency
  • Using raw materials like aluminum and acrylic resins with as much recycled content as possible
  • Looking forward to the end of the product’s life cycle to ensure the components can be recycled
  • Offering standard product options to comply with federal, state and local energy codes
  • Providing detailed product information to specifiers who wish to use fixtures on LEED projects
  • Promoting the use of energy efficient products

Manning Lighting is a member of the US Green Building Council. For more information please visit


  • Manufacturing operations produce virtually no hazardous waste or toxic materials
  • Recyclable product packaging including filler material made from 100% post industrial waste
  • Waterless parts cleaning system that requires no heating and generates no effluent
  • Low VOC wet and powder paint
  • Recycling of scrap aluminum, steel, acrylic resin
  • Efficient, build-to-order manufacturing system
  • Partner with local suppliers that also have commitment to green/sustainable manufacturing.

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