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New LED Options

More efficient, higher performance LED lighting components are now available in many Manning standard products. Our LP- and LPI-series pendant fixtures are now equipped with next-level LEDs that produce more than 120 lumens per watt—enough illumination for even the largest spaces. Here are just a few of the benefits (see individual fixtures for detailed specs):

Lower prices: Wide acceptance of LED technology has lowered component costs.

More light: Higher output components provide up to 20,000+ lumens.

More efficient: More than 120 lumens per watt and improved fixture design for better thermal management.

Flexible Dimming: Dimmable with existing Triac, ELV or 0-10v dimming equipment

More color temps: From warm (2700K) to cool (4000K).

Better appearance: Smaller onboard LED drivers for better fixture appearance and easy ccess for maintenance.

Future-proof: Zhaga-compliant components ensure ease of replacement.

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