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MPS Bay View High School

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Project: MPS Bay View High School
Location: Bay View, WI
Specifiers: HGA
Manning Rep: Enterprise Lighting

Manning Lighting received rave reviews for upgrading the light fixtures in several Milwaukee-area school auditoriums. The goal was to improve the efficiency and performance of the auditorium’s 1920s-era house lights by retrofitting them with state-of-the-art LED components, including using Cree COB LED arrays and eldoLED DMX drivers.
The fixtures at Bay View High School, like most, had collected 100 years of dirt, were damaged, and had to be painstakingly lowered to change the incandescent bulbs. As part of a comprehensive lighting upgrade, Manning transported the fixtures to their factory in Sheboygan, carefully cleaned and repaired them, and outfitted them with five COB arrays, heat sinks, a wide-beam reflector that illuminates the inner prismatic glass shade, and replacement glass panels. 
The result is light levels several times what they were previously, almost zero maintenance, and most importantly, fixtures that do justice to the gorgeous auditorium’s art-deco style architecture. The IES agreed, awarding an Illumination Award to the Lighting Designer!

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